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Five Types Of Fitness Training

Posted on August 04, 2016 by Jake Vance

Have you been looking to start a new exercise regimen or a new activity? Have you never dabbled in the world of getting physically healthy and are simply wondering where to start? Then you may want to educate yourselfa little about the nuances of this highly active endeavor. There are several kinds of training that are involved in various activities, so let’s consider a few of them now.

Aerobic Training

This is the kind of exercisingyou’ve seen on all those old commercials and VHS tapes back in the day. Popularized by people like Jane Fonda, this isn’t just a glamorous way of getting in shape. By targeting your breath work and your heart rate, this form of training improves your entire cardiovascular system through dance-like movements. You don’t have to hire a personal fitness instructor for this. You can simply do in the comfort of your own home at any time of day.

Static Strength Training

Unlike aerobics, this targets maintaining your muscle strength. Using isometric exercises, you can also maintain muscle tone. How this works is, you use the contraction of muscles (such as with the aid of a small weightor dumbbell), and hold steady without moving for a brief time. Some of these exercises involve pushing against a wall or other immovable object, rather than using machines.

Dynamic Strength Training

This is only similar to static strength training in that it also uses isotonics. However, it is more targeted to a fuller range of movement. Through calisthenics or weight training, you strengthen your muscles, mostly through the use of resistance to perform the movement. Any perfect fitness center or gym will facilitate these kinds of workouts.

Flexibility Training

This kind of training is actually most vital to all forms of working out, and should be a fundamental component to any kind of regimen you wish to adopt. Without focusing on stretching and extending your range of motion, you can easily get injured. This is why even your physical education instructor always warned you to warm up and warm down. Activities that concentrate on flexibility, such as yoga, are especially useful for improving your posture and breathing.

Circuit Training

This one is for the hardcore athletes.It’s a combination of aerobic and strength training, involving jogging between stations and performing various forms of the training listed above and each consecutive station. This is a very high-intensity form of working out, and if you wish to get there, it will be a gradual process. You cannot expect to be able to master this until you have been able to relatively master each of the other types of training mentioned above.

The best kind of workouts incorporate multiple forms of training.

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