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Posted on September 22, 2016 by Jake Vance

In most of the families today, children have been neglected from their sports activities and extra-curricular activities. The reason behind this is the amount of work load they have to cope during school hours. Nowadays schools have raised the standards of the education levels massively. Even though it is good in a way, the issue is whether every student can deal with them by meeting the said standards. After school many students are sent to tuition classes, revision classes, exam paper classes and many more. The more the work load increase, the time to follow sports gets missed. This is a serious issue among children as they drop the fitness and strength in their bodies. Visit!lessons/c19mh 

With the development of new and hi tech devices, it is now rare to see children playing outside. Unfortunately what is left to see is children playing through the smart phones and tabs. It is important to send your child outside for sports activities as it helps to burn their calories and strengthens their muscles. Also, it helps in the functioning of their brains properly and healthily. Make your child’s choice the first. If there is a particular sport he/she likes. Find a suitable place and send them there, because not every child is an expert in academic knowledge. There are so many students who level up through sports and extracurricular activities. For an example if your child prefer tennis, there are amazing places that have kid’s tennis lessons available in many places with experienced trainers. They should be sent to such places regularly to maintain their health and physical studies.

If you as a parent prefer private tennis lessons in Sydney, they too are available in recognized sports clubs. These are not typically made for kids. Even the adults can join such programs to gain physical fitness. Moreover sports like swimming, badminton, basketball help to build the muscles in the body making your child a healthy as well as an active child in the school. When a child is good in sports he/she automatically gets better in academic work too. It is the responsibility of the parents to make a timetable for their child and balance both education and sports in their lives.

Therefore it could be concluded that sports and extracurricular activities too are important as well as educational qualifications. If a child receives school colours for sports and other activities, they become plus points in their future especially when selecting a recognized university. For that and many reasons sports is mandatory to follow.

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