How To Start A Football Team At School?

If you’re planning to start a soccer team at school, but don’t know how to, reading the following pointers might be of some help to you:
1. Get permission – the first thing to do is get permission from your teachers. Talk to them and tell them your plans. They might refuse at first, but don’t give up – perseverance is the key. It’s also a good idea if you prepare a plan of how you’ll create your soccer team before talking to them, so that you can show it to your teachers (and they might just approve it, seeing how much effort you put into it!)
2. Find a coach – once you’ve got the OK from your teachers, the next step to do is get a coach to overlook you team. Sometimes, the Physical Education teachers might be up for it, but in case they’re not, ask around and see if there’s any adult amongst your teachers or friends who has experience in playing football.
3. Raise money – the next step to do is raise money. Sports activities need money for different reasons. Normally, the school provides the budget for its extracurricular activities, but since you’re starting a soccer team anew, you’ll have to rely on fundraisers and the like to raise a sufficient budget for the first few months of your practices.
4. Make a schedule – once you have both a coach and enough money, you can finally start planning team activities. Hold practices at least two to three times each week – you don’t have to include morning practices and off day practices at first, but don’t slack either! Try to find some local schools who will be willing to participate in practice matches with you – you might want to leave official matches until you’re really prepared.
5. Recruit players – a soccer team needs at least fourteen players (eleven play in a match, but you’ll need at least three substitutes too!) so make sure to ask your friends and anyone who is interested to join. Holding try-outs is a good idea, so make sure to advertise around the school using posters and announcements.
6. Buy high quality uniforms and equipment – all that’s left before you can officially start team activities is to get your outfits and equipment! You can design custom soccer kits or where you’re living and then ask one of the suppliers for the other sports club for your outfits.
Otherwise, you can rely on this comfortable soccer wear and other local cities’ designers companies create, and order directly from them. And as for equipment, you’ll probably use most of the money you raised, so make sure to buy the absolute essentials first.
And finally, of course, there’s one last thing to do – have fun! Creating the team might have been hard, but from now on, you’ll get to play with your friends and play in matches, so all that hard work definitely paid off!